Meet the Team

The Faces Behind Pet Gifter


Owner, Creater, Pet Lover

Pet Gifter was born out of my love for animals & my new found passion : sewing! 
I am dedicated to designing stylish joyful accessories that you and your fur babies will love! Everything is handmade with attention to detail & quality materials. Bright & fun fashion for your pampered pooches and fancy felines that is sure to fetch smiles 🙂


Smiling Supervisor

Miss Luna, sometimes known as “Lunatic” 😉 is a beautiful, energetic and always happy girl who loves everybody, sometimes a little too much! Showering kisses upon you is her specialty. She brings laughter and joy to the sewing studio as she supervises each and every item and ensures that it is handcrafted with love & care.


Quality Control Inspector

Dexter is our ultra handsome inspector who makes all the ladies swoon. He’s always by my side and watching intently as each order gets sewn & packaged up to be sure that it is of the highest standards, with a black hair thrown in here & there for good measure 😉 He takes his job seriously cause he knows that cookie rewards are sure to follow!


Manager & Meowdel 

The newest member of the family, this good looking ginger adds entertainment to every day with his crazy kitten antics 😉 His adorable face and sweet temperament makes him just perfect for the job of meowdeling our brand new Cat Collection! This mitten toed manager makes sure that the right amount of catnip is stuffed into every toy and that every collar is carefully sewn with love


Customer Care Cutie

This adorable little cutie will be joining the Pet Gifter family in April and we can’t wait for all the adventures that are sure to follow! We love you already Zara

The Dog that Started it All

How it all began…

Sometimes a dog touches your heart so deeply that he leaves behind a legacy that will forever be remembered. This was the case with ‘Boo’. To me, he was the most handsome & sweetest boy there was, whose smiling face was the inspiration I needed to take my new found sewing talent, combine it with my love of animals, and turn it into a handmade business that has become my passion. He is the reason Pet Gifter came to be, and he will always remain a part of it

Forever in my Heart

Boo, Zippo & Zola

These 3 beautiful creatures were my inspiration for Pet Gifter and the first pets I could call my own. Raising each one from 8 weeks old, I showered them with love & affection and got rewarded 100 times over! When I started the business, they became my very first models, testing out the products with smiles, tail wags & purrs 🙂 All three are now rainbow bridge angels, gone much too soon, but forever in my heart ❤