Meet the Team

The Faces Behind Pet Gifter


Owner, Artist, Pet Lover


Smiling Supervisor


Quality Control Inspector

Pet Gifter was born out of my love for animals & my new found passion : sewing! 
I am dedicated to designing stylish joyful accessories that you and your fur babies will love! Everything is handmade with love and care. Bright & fun fashion that is sure to fetch smiles 🙂

Miss Luna, sometimes known as “Lunatic” 😉 is a beautiful, energetic and always happy girl who loves everybody, sometimes a little too much! She brings laughter and joy to the sewing studio as she supervises each and every item and ensures that it is handmade with love & care.

Dexter is our ultra handsome inspector who makes all the ladies swoon. He’s always by my side and watching intently as each order gets sewn & packaged up to be sure that it is of the highest standards. I think he does it just for the cookie rewards!

The Dog that Started it All 

How it all began…

Sometimes a dog touches your heart so deeply that he leaves behind a legacy that will forever be remembered. This was the case with ‘Boo’. To me, he was the most handsome & sweetest boy there was, whose smiling face was the inspiration I needed to take my new found sewing talent, combine it with my love of animals, and turn it into a handmade business that has become my passion. He is the reason Pet Gifter came to be, and he will always remain a part of it

Forever in my Heart

Boo, Zippo & Zola

These 3 beautiful creatures were my inspiration for Pet Gifter and the first pets I could call my own. Raising each one from 8 weeks old, I showered them with love & affection and got rewarded 100 times over! When I started the business, they became my very first models, testing out the products with smiles, tail wags & purrs 🙂 All three are now rainbow bridge angels, gone much too soon, but forever in my heart ❤